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By Peter Bryant (nom de plume of Peter George)

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The electronics company, on information supplied by the weapons teams at Wright Field, had designed a big electronic brain which would automatically sense the presence of a missile from its radar pulses. It would then determine the exact frequency of those pulses, assess the speed and track of the missile and beam out a series of pulses of its own. These would supply the enemy missile with false information, confuse its guidance system, and divert it from its target. In certain cases it would have the effect of causing the weapon to explode prematurely, in others of turning it back in its own track.

Site, and the fact we were running a NORAD exercise so I knew our defences would be alert. You were standing in as deputy, which helped a lot. ” “You’re forgetting that plan R was drawn up to take account of special circumstances,” Quinten said gently. “To enable a base commander to act when central command had gone. ” Howard stubbed out his cigarette in the ash receptacle built into the arm of the chair. ” “Go and stand by the window, Paul. ” Red Alert 58 Howard walked across to the window. He heard nothing.

Without it, he could never have become SAC’s commander in his fortieth year. He said, “Gentlemen, thirty minutes ago, without any orders or authorisation, one of my base commanders sent out attack orders to a wing under his command. The wing concerned was Red Alert 43 on a simulated mission which took them to the point where, in time of war, they could have begun the first part of their attack procedure. In Strategic Air Command we call this point the X point. “You will see plotted on the map above me the thirty-two X points of the 843rd Wing.

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