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In this thesis, the focal point is at the examine of latest catalytic homes of unsupported nanoporous metals in heterogeneous natural reactions less than liquid-phase stipulations. the writer used to be the 1st to manufacture nanoporous copper with tunable nanoporosity and follow it for natural reactions. The catalyst could be reused as much as ten occasions with no lack of catalytic task. moreover, the writer constructed the hugely selective semihydrogenation of alkynes utilizing nanoporous gold as a catalyst for the 1st time, affording Z-alkenes in a hundred% selectivity, which can't be discovered by way of conventional catalysts. all the effects defined the following might help readers to improve new catalytic functionality of nanoporous metals for natural reactions.

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To clarify whether the leached Cu metal catalyzes the present reaction or not, we monitored the reaction with or without catalyst. 5 M) at 65 °C. 2 Results and Discussion 27 Fig. 10 SEM images of nanostructured copper acetylide a grass-like material on surface, b magnified surface, c cross sectional structure image Fig. 11 XPS spectra of nanostructured copper acetylide 38 % 1H NMR yield at this time (Fig. 9a, j symbols). The reaction mixture was continuously heated in the absence of the catalyst for 1 h, affording 3a in 40 % yield, while the reaction was completely stopped in the next 1 h.

1007/978-4-431-54931-4_2, Ó Springer Japan 2014 17 18 2 Nanoporous Copper Metal Catalyst in Click Chemistry relaxation of aggregation. In this regard, we have focused on the study of the catalytic properties of unsupported nanoporous metals in organic molecular transformations under liquid phase conditions [15, 16]. Nanoporous gold exhibited a remarkable catalytic efficiency and reusability in the oxidation of organosilanes into silanoles with water [15], and non-porous palladium without ligands and supports showed high catalytic activity and reusability in the Suzuki coupling [16].

After dealloying, the sample was removed from electrolytes and rinsed in DI water for few minutes. The sample was then washed with acetone and dried on vacuum. The dried CuNPore was stored in glove box (Fig. 12). Under same electrolytes, cat-4 and cat-5 were fabricated at 0 and 10 °C for 6 days, respectively. Cat-6 and cat-7 were dealloyed at 40 and 60 °C for 4 days. Cat-2 and cat-3 were fabricated at 25 °C for 6 days. Under HCl solution, cat-8, cat-9 and cat-10 were fabricated at 25 °C for 6 days.

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