Design of Hashing Algorithms by Josef Pieprzyk PDF

By Josef Pieprzyk

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This paintings provides contemporary advancements in hashing set of rules layout. Hashing is the method of making a quick digest (i.e., sixty four bits) for a message of arbitrary size, for examination- ple 20 Mbytes. Hashing algorithms have been first used for sear- ching files in databases; they're primary for electronic si- gnature functions and are used for authentication with no secrecy. protecting all functional and theoretical matters on the topic of the layout of safe hashing algorithms the publication is self contained; it comprises an in depth bibliography at the topic.

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H can be applied to any message or document M of any size. 2. h produces a fixed size output. 3. Given h and M, it is easy to compute h(M). 4. Given the description of the function h and a randomly chosen message M, it is computationally intractable to find another message which hashes to the same value. Strong one-way hash functions are easier to use in systems than weak oneway hash functions, because there are no preconditions on the selection of the messages. With weak one-way hash functions, there is no guarantee that finding a pair of messages which map to the same hash value is difficult.

Damgard's Knapsack Scheme Another scheme proposed by Damgard for the construction of collision-free hash functions is based on the application of the knapsack and can be described as follows. Choose at random numbers a l , . . , a 8 in the interval 1 , . . , N, where s indicates the maximum length of a message to be expected in blocks. Damgard chooses s = 256 and N = 212~ - 1. Then the binary message M 1 , M 2 , . . , Ms can be hashed as: H(M) = ~ M~ai 4----1 This scheme would give an output in the length of 128 bits.

In this scheme, the hash value is the last block of the ciphertext that resulted from the application of the encryption algorithm in cipher block chaining (CBC) mode to the message [DES, 1985], [DES, 1983], while the key and the initial value are kept public. 2: Cipher Block Chaining Scheme cipher feedback (CFB) mode. The security of this scheme depends on the error propagation properties of the applied mode of operation. 3 CBC with Checksum Scheme Another variation on the previous scheme is to add some redundancy to the message in the form of the exclusive-OR of the plaintext blocks, where the initial vector is assumed to be zero.

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