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Construction on common use of the C++ programming language in and schooling, this publication offers a broad-based and case-driven examine of information buildings -- and the algorithms linked to them -- utilizing C++ because the language of implementation. This e-book locations distinctive emphasis at the connection among info constructions and their algorithms, together with an research of the algorithms' complexity. It offers info buildings within the context of object-oriented application layout, stressing the primary of data hiding in its therapy of encapsulation and decomposition. The publication additionally heavily examines facts constitution implementation and its implications at the number of programming languages.

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A data model shows how data entities are interrelated. A data flow does not. A data model shows the attributes that describe data entities. A data flow does not. 2 / Ueri fy i stock/sh /3. "I , \ Customer i pping ~',.. lJ """ -ill~"" checks \ / ;. j NNN~ ] Employee in V Database stores in ! performs . rece ves J. ordered Figure 2-15: I~ stores An explosion of the "Get items ordered" process from Figure 2-13 The bottom line is this: A data model contains information about the data being stored in a database (entities, attributes, and entity relationships).

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