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Designed for English language lecturers and different educators, this learn charts the emergence of a brand new view of language and the pc expertise linked to it

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They also make transparent the relations between segmental and suprasegmental problems. There are three or four chapters in each unit, all of which focus on one type of phonological phenomenon. Within a unit, the chapters are organized mainly according to the complexity of problems and analyses and/or conceptual relations between chapters. Take Unit 2, for example, which is concerned with alternation. This unit starts with a chapter concerning nasals in English. The alternation and conditions triggering the alternation are relatively transparent, especially with Unit 1 as background.

Try to identify the generalizations in the data yourself before reading the description that follows (6). (6) Attested and unattested bi-syllabic verbal roots in Kikuyu a.  . aurar-a‘be cut badly’ b. arooam-a‘stand up’ c. akman-a‘be complete’ d. araram-a‘roar or snarl’taβar-a‘be prosperous’ Two key generalizations can be drawn from (6) regarding the attested and unattested vocalic sequences in bi-syllabic verb roots in Kikuyu. First, there does not seem to be any restriction on the co-occurrence of i, u, and with any of the seven vowels in Kikuyu.

Although OT represents a radical departure from DT, it is developed from and built upon many of the assumptions, claims, and conclusions of DT. For this reason, it is essential that students understand the derivational approaches and associated concepts, assumptions, and claims first. This understanding provides the background and lays the foundation for optimal-theoretic analyses in the second half of the book. 2. Suggestions for the instructor This textbook adopts a unit-and-chapter organization for three reasons.

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