Computer Capacity Planning. Theory and Practice by Shui F. Lam PDF

By Shui F. Lam

ISBN-10: 0124344305

ISBN-13: 9780124344303

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Groff 1973, and Makridakis A major disadvantage of exponential smoothing models is the uncertainty when choosing the appropriate value for d. This can be estimated and 1974]. through constrained regression analysis [Gill Murray Rules of thumb may also be used as Brown recommends [Brown 1963, p. 9) where N is the number of periods in a cycle. Mechanical calculations of the smoothing constant modified by suitable guidelines. , to assign weights more evenly over time. e. , to weigh more heavily recent time points.

The application profiles are useful in contingency planning as well as in workload forecast for new applications. As stated earlier, con­ tingency planning requires the identification of critical applications and their resource requirements, thereby a sufficient configuration can be prepared to provide service during disaster situations. tion profiles therefore provide the necessary The applica­ information for such a planning effort. For the new applications that are under development or to be acquired, an estimate of the resource requirements is necessary.

Throughout this process, the "experts" work individually and are asked not to approach any other mem­ bers of the panel. " (3) Letters are again sent to the "experts" informing them of the items upon which there is a general consensus and asking those who do not agree with the majority to state their reasons. For those items upon which there is no general consensus, each "expert" is requested to state the reasons for the divergent time estimates. these requests and responses, evaluate their time estimates.

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