Combinations in the middlegame: theory and exercises - download pdf or read online

By Igorʹ Zakharovich Bondarevskiĭ, Ken Smith

ISBN-10: 0875682170

ISBN-13: 9780875682174

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Martinovic, Sarajevo, 1968. White to move) Here again we shall emphasize the logical basis for White's combination. B oth White rooks bear down against B lack ' s king, which is thinly defended by only one pawn. Also note both White bishops are directed to­ ward B lack's king. With an initial sacrifice White is able to break through B lack's limited defenses. 1 Rxg6! Blowing away B lack' s only pawn defender and prepar­ ing to take advantage of the position of B lack's queen. N x g6 1 . Essentially forced.

The important point is merely to choose the most effective means in each concrete position without over-estimating the available degree of compulsion. (See Diagram No. 1 5) B lack here supposed that White could not make a com­ bination with the idea of destroy i n g the defense o f the Rd3 by 1 Rxc5 and convinced himself of this by the 32 C O M B I N ATIONS I N T H E M I D DLEGAM E following line of reasoning: " If rook takes my knight I obviously don' t recapture with the bishop as then my rook is unguarded and en prise to his rook.

3 Nxf6ch .. 62 C O M B I N ATIONS I N T H E M I DDLEGAM E This is an " intermediate" move on White ' s part. If now 3 ... K g 7 then a new double attack, this time by one piece 4 Nh5ch would leave White with material ad­ vantage . - - (Diagram No. 44. Bilek vs Stein, Kecskemet 1968. B lack to move) . Here we see that B lack' s B b 7 and Q g 3 focus on g 2 with a potential mate threat there. Only White ' s Qd2 i s guarding g2; therefore we can seek any way to divert the White queen from its all-important guard duty.

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