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24 A(n) is a graph that compares data by using bars of different lengths or heights. 25 Writing in Math Explain how to use the key in a pictograph to find the number of votes in a category. presents data by using the same Spiral Review Solve each equation when x = 7. (Lesson 1-4, p. 27) y = 4x - 16 27 35 y = ___ x +5 28 y = 9x + 3 29 49 y = ___ x -2 30 HAIRSTYLES Maggie’s hair is 13 inches long. Taina’s hair was twice as long as Maggie’s, but Taina had 3 inches cut off. How long was Taina’s hair after she got it cut?

3rd row 4th row 5th row Write the vocabulary word that completes each A(n) tells how numbers are related to each other. 29 A(n) is a sequence of numbers, figures, or symbols that follows a rule or design. 30 Writing in Math Explain how to find the next three terms in the sequence 2, 4, 8, 16 using 2 different rules. Spiral Review Write the objects in each category. 31 shaded 2 1 32 3 4 5 unshaded 6 26 (Lesson 1-1, p. 4) Chapter 1 Patterns and Relationships 7 8 9 Copyright © by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

If x = 9, which equation can be used to find the value of y?. F 7 ducks H 14 ducks F y = 48 - 9 H y=9+x G 28 ducks J 56 ducks G y = 48 + 9 J y=x-9 ANSWER SHEET 9 Copyright © by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. 10 11 Look at the problem below. y = x + 13 If x = 3, what is y? A 5 C 16 B 10 D 39 Look at the problem below. y = 2x - 9 If x = 14, what is y? Directions: Fill in the circle of each correct answer. 1 A B C D 2 F G H J 3 A B C D 4 F G H J 5 A B C D 6 F G H J 7 A B C D F 19 H -11 8 F G H J G 17 J 5 9 A B C D 10 F G H J 11 A B C D 12 F G H J The product of x and y equals 28.

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