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Those notes shape the contents of a Nachdiplomvorlesung given on the Forschungs institut fur Mathematik of the Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule, Zurich from November, 1984 to February, 1985. Prof. okay. Chandrasekharan and Prof. Jurgen Moser have inspired me to write down them up for inclusion within the sequence, released through Birkhiiuser, of notes of those classes on the ETH.

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NECESSARY CONDITIONS and that gj ∈ C 1 (Rn ) for each j ∈ I ∪ E. Let x ∈ V be a local minimizer of f in V and let I0 ⊆ I be the subset of I where the inequality constraints are active, that is, I0 = {j ∈ I; gj (x) = 0}. Let w ∈ T (V, x) and xk , tk are associated sequences to w, then for k ≥ k0 , k0 sufficiently large, we have for each j ∈ I0 0 ≥ gj (xk ) − gj (x) = gj (x), xk − x + o(||xk − x||). It follows that for each j ∈ I0 gj (x), w ≤ 0 for all w ∈ T (V, x). If j ∈ E, we obtain from 0 = gj (xk ) − gj (x) = gj (x), xk − x + o(||xk − x||) and if j ∈ E, then gj (x), w = 0 for all w ∈ T (V, x).

Exercise. In the following we use for (fx1 (x), . . , fxn ) the abbreviations f (x), ∇f (x) or Df (x). 4. Suppose that V ⊂ X is convex. Then f is convex on V if and only if f (y) − f (x) ≥ f (x), y − x for all x, y ∈ V. Proof. (i) Assume f is convex. Then for 0 ≤ λ ≤ 1 we have f (λy + (1 − λ)x) ≤ λf (y) + (1 − λ)f (x) f (x + λ(y − x)) ≤ f (x) + λ(f (y) − f (x)) f (x) + λ f (x), y − x + o(λ) ≤ f (x) + λ(f (y) − f (x)), which implies that f (x), y − x ≤ f (y) − f (x). (ii) Set for x, y ∈ V and 0 < λ < 1 x1 := (1 − λ)y + λx and h := y − x1 .

Suppose that w ∈ T (V, x) and that tk , xk → x are associated sequences, that is, xk ∈ V , tk > 0 and wk := tk (xk − x) → w. Then f (x)wk , wk + ||wk ||2 η(||xk − x||) ≥ 0, which implies that f (x)w, w ≥ 0. 4 that f is convex on V . 1. 1 Exercises 1. Assume V ⊂ Rn is a convex set. Show that Y = V − V := {x − y : x, y ∈ V } is a convex set in Rn , 0 ∈ Y and if y ∈ Y then −y ∈ Y . 2. 3. 3. Show that T (V, x) is a cone with vertex at zero. 4. Assume V ⊆ Rn . Show that T (V, x) = {0} if and only if x ∈ V is not isolated.

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