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By R. M. Johnson

ISBN-10: 1898563063

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This lucid and balanced creation for first 12 months engineers and utilized mathematicians conveys the transparent realizing of the basics and functions of calculus, as a prelude to learning extra complex services. brief and primary diagnostic routines on the finish of every bankruptcy attempt comprehension earlier than relocating to new material.

  • Provides a transparent realizing of the basics and purposes of calculus, as a prelude to learning extra complex functions
  • Includes brief, helpful diagnostic workouts on the finish of every chapter

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Sec. 8 Differentiate with respect to x the function f(x) = (x2 + l) 3 by the following methods. (i) Expanding the binomial. (ii) Using the function of a function rule. (i) Let y = (x2 + l) 3 . Expanding, we obtain y = x6 + 3xA + 3x2 + 1. dv — = 6 x 5 + 1 2 x 3 + 6x àx = 6x(x2 + I)2. y = u 3 , where u =x2 + 1. ay àx ày du au àx = (3« 2 )(2x) = 3(x2+ l) 2 (2x) = 6x(x2+ l) 2 . 9 Find/'(x) for the following functions. (i) /(x) = ( x 2 + l ) 1 0 . (ii) /(x) = ( * 3 - 3 x ) 4 / Γ (iii) /(*) = J x + - .

1. Sec. 1 d dv du — (uv) = u — + V-. 1a) v(duldx) — u(dv/dx) 3 dx\v/ v · ( 2 - 2a > Proof Let Ax be a small change in x resulting in changes Au in u, Av in v and Ay in y where y = uv. Therefore, y + Ay = (M + ΔΜ) (V + Av) = uv + u Av + v Au + Au Av. Thus, Ay = u Av + v Au + Au Av and Ay Av — = u l· Δχ Δχ v Au Δχ 1- ΔΜ Av — . Δχ Now let Δχ -»■ 0 (also Δ« -* 0, since u is differentiable), and by the definition of a derivative we obtain dy dv du — =u \- v— . 1a) to the product u =yv to give du dv dx dx dy 1 I du u dv dx v \dx v dx — =y l· dy v— .

A body is thrown vertically upwards with a velocity of 20 m/s. If the distance s m above the ground after r s is given by s = 20t — 5t2, find the following. (i) The velocity after t s. (ii) The highest point to which it will rise. (iii) When it will strike the ground. The profit iP made by a factory when it produces an x kg batch of a certain commodity is given by P=l5x2-60 x3 3 . Find the rate at which the profit changes with respect to the number of kilograms produced for the following x values.

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