Jon Rogawski's Calculus: Early Transcendentals PDF

By Jon Rogawski

ISBN-10: 1429277815

ISBN-13: 9781429277815

EISBN: 1429277815 | eEAN: 9781429277815 | book released: Jul 27, 2010
ISBN-13: 9780716772675 | ISBN-10: 0716772671
paper e-book released: 2008 (according to copyright page)
paper booklet released: Jan 19, 2007 (according to Amazon)

Contains chapters 1 via 17

This new textual content provides calculus with reliable mathematical precision yet with a regular sensibility that places the most recommendations in transparent phrases. it really is rigorous with out being inaccessible and transparent with out being too informal--it has definitely the right stability for teachers and their students. Also on hand in a overdue transcendentals model (0-7167-6911-5).

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10. tan θ = 1 √ 11. tan θ = −1 26. Find cos θ and sin θ if tan θ = 4 and π ≤ θ < 3π /2. 13. sin x = 14. sec t = 2 27. Find the values of sin θ , cos θ , and tan θ at the eight points in Figure 23. 918) 34. sin 2 θ − 33 π +π +2 2 35. How many points lie on the intersection of the horizontal line y = c and the graph of y = sin x for 0 ≤ x < 2π ? Hint: The answer depends on c. 36. How many points lie on the intersection of the horizontal line y = c and the graph of y = tan x for 0 ≤ x < 2π ? (A) In Exercises 37–40, solve for 0 ≤ θ < 2π (see Example 6).

59. Prove Vi`ete’s Formulas, which state that the quadratic polynomial with given numbers α and β as roots is x 2 + bx + c, where b = −α − β and c = αβ . 3 The Basic Classes of Functions It would be impossible (and useless) to describe all possible functions f (x). Since the values of a function can be assigned arbitrarily, a function chosen at random would likely be so complicated that we could neither graph it nor describe it in any reasonable way. However, calculus makes no attempt to deal with all possible functions.

F (x) = |x| 45. h(s) = 1 46. f (x) = 2 x 47. g(t) = 40. f (x) = −x 1 s y 4 3 2 1 2 + t2 x 0 1 1 t In Exercises 49–52, find the interval on which the function is increasing. 48. g(t) = cos 49. f (x) = |x + 1| 50. f (x) = x 3 51. f (x) = x 4 1 52. f (x) = 2 x +1 In Exercises 53–58, find the zeros of the function and sketch its graph by plotting points. Use symmetry and increase/decrease information where appropriate. 53. f (x) = x 2 − 4 54. f (x) = 2x 2 − 4 55. f (x) = x 3 − 4x 56. f (x) = x 3 57. f (x) = 2 − x 3 58.

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