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By Paul Klemperer

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Governments use them to promote every thing from oilfields to pollutants allows, and to denationalise businesses; shoppers depend on them to shop for baseball tickets and lodge rooms, and monetary theorists hire them to provide an explanation for booms and busts. Auctions make up the various world's most vital markets; and this booklet describes how public sale conception has additionally develop into a useful software for knowing economics. Auctions: thought and perform presents a non-technical advent to public sale idea, and emphasises its useful program. even though there are various tremendous profitable public sale markets, there have additionally been a few outstanding fiascos, and Klemperer presents many examples. He discusses the successes and screw ups of the one-hundred-billion buck "third-generation" mobile-phone license auctions; he, together with Ken Binmore, designed the 1st of those. Klemperer additionally demonstrates the magnificent energy of public sale concept to give an explanation for likely unconnected matters equivalent to the depth of other varieties of commercial festival, the prices of litigation, or even inventory buying and selling 'frenzies' and fiscal crashes. Engagingly written, the booklet makes the topic fascinating not just to economics scholars yet to an individual drawn to auctions and their function in economics.

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A SURVEY OF AUCTION THEORY 29 spoils by making appropriate side payments, when bidders have private information about their own values. McAfee and McMillan (1992)’s main result is that this is possible and can be implemented by a simple pre-auction if all the bidders in the auction are members of the cartel and they all have private values drawn from the same distribution. , the gains from a cartel) can be efficiently divided up. McAfee and McMillan also analyze cartels that contain only a subgroup of the industry participants, and ‘‘weak cartels’’ that cannot make side payments between members, and consider how a seller should respond to the existence of a cartel.

Riley assumes constant per unit revenue from the oil, and decreasing marginal cost up to some output level about which the bidders have private information. 95 The same result is obtained independently in similar models due to McAfee and McMillan (1987d) and Riordan and Sappington (1987). A precursor to this work is McAfee and McMillan (1986). A SURVEY OF AUCTION THEORY 35 ‘‘second-score’’ auctions. Che also shows that it is optimal for the auctioneer to pre-commit to a scoring rule that under-rewards quality relative to her real (expost) preferences.

Since this is true for all bidders, i, the mechanisms yield the same expected revenue for the auctioneer. 116,117 This is the Revenue Equivalence Theorem. There are many different statements of it, but they all essentially give the results of the preceding paragraph in a more or less special form. In particular any mechanism which always gives the object to the highestvalue bidder in equilibrium (all the standard auction forms do this) has Pi ðvÞ ¼ ðFðvÞÞn21 (since a bidder’s probability of winning is just the probability that all the other ðn 2 1Þ bidders have lower values then she does), and many mechanisms (including all the standard ones) give a bidder of the lowest feasible type no chance of any surplus, that is, Si ðvÞ ¼ 0, so all these mechanisms will yield the same expected payment by each bidder and the same expected revenue for the auctioneer.

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