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A substantial part of topology is devoted to the investigation of those properties that remain unchanged under the action of a homeomorphism. 21, it follows that if U ⊂ X is open, then so is f (U ) whenever f : X → Y is a homeomorphism; that is, the property of being open is a topological invariant. Consequently, so is closedness. But of course, not all properties are topological invariants. For example, the distance between two points might be changed under a homeomorphism. A mapping that preserves distances, that is, one for which σ[f (x), f (y)] = ρ(x, y) for all x, y ∈ X is called an isometry,.

Having shown that R is an Archimedean ordered field, we now know that Q has a natural injection into R by way of the constant sequences. That is, if r ∈ Q, then the constant sequence r¯ gives its corresponding equivalence class in R. Consequently, we shall consider Q to be a subset of R, that is, we do not distinguish between r and its corresponding equivalence class. Moreover, if ρ1 and ρ2 are in R with ρ1 < ρ2 , then there is a rational number r such that ρ1 < r < ρ2 . The next proposition provides a connection between Cauchy sequences in Q with convergent sequences in R.

2 Suppose α, β and δ are cardinal numbers. Prove that δ α+β = δ α · δ β . 3 Prove that the set of numbers whose dyadic expansions are not unique is countable. 4 Prove that the equation x2 − 2 = 0 has no solutions in the field Q. 5 Prove: If {xn }∞ n=1 is a bounded, increasing sequence in an Archimedean ordered field, then the sequence is Cauchy. 6 Prove that each Archimedean ordered field contains a “copy” of Q. Moreover, for each pair r1 and r2 of the field with r1 < r2 , there exists a rational number r such that r1 < r < r2 .

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