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By Kenneth Hoffman

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Built for an introductory path in mathematical research at MIT, this article makes a speciality of suggestions, ideas, and strategies. The introductions to genuine and intricate research are heavily formulated, and so they represent a ordinary advent to complicated functionality idea. Supplementary fabric and workouts look during the textual content. 1975 version.

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And liml Xn - X Now, suppose that for each j, 1 < j < m, the coordinate sequence [xn j} is known to converge. Let x j = lim xn j, and define X = (x 1, ... , xn). n Observe that Xn I C I x 1 IX xn 1 I + I X2 xn2 I+''' + I Xn xnm I Each sequence {I xj - xnj I} converges to 0; hence, the previous lemma tells us that their sum converges to 0 also. , X = lim Xn. EXAMPLE 1. Convergence of sequences {zn} of complex numbers is related to Theorem 1. Of course, we say that zn converges to z if I zn - z converges to 0.

Let x be the least upper bound for that set: x = sup [xn; n c Z+). Let r > 0. Then x - r is not an upper bound for the set of xn's. Thus, there exists a positive integer Nr such that xNT>x - r. Since x < xn+ 1 < x, we have x - r < xn< x < x + r, n>Nr. Theorem 2 is another in the list of reformulations of the completeness of the real number system. It is just the sequential form of the existence 38 Chap. 2 Convergence and Compactness of least upper bounds. Evidently, there is a companion result about monotone decreasing sequences.

CO in Rk. If we add two vectors X and Y in S, the corresponding coordinates add; and, multiplication of X by the number t multiplies each coordinate c; by t. Thus, as far as linear operations are concerned, S behaves Just like Rk (S is isomorphic to Rk). In particular, any k + 1 vectors in S are linearly dependent. If d = dim S, there exist d independent vectors in S. Thus d < k. But k < d by the definition of d. Suppose V1, . . , Vn is a basis for Rn. Then we can describe each X in Rn by its coordinates relative to that basis, as well as by its standard coordinates.

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