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Note that if a column or row is completely empty, it will not be displayed, even if this option is set. pad weight integer integer Padding to add to the size of the largest widget in the column (row) when setting the size of the whole column. A relative weight used to distribute additional space between columns (rows). A column with the weight 2 will grow twice as fast as a column with weight 1. The default is 0, which means that the column will not grow at all. grid_location(x, y) ⇒ tuple Returns the grid cell under (or closest to) the given pixel coordinate.

Ipadx, ipady distance Optional internal padding. Works like padx and pady, but the padding is added inside the widget borders. Default is 0. padx, pady distance Optional padding to place around the widget in a cell. Default is 0. row integer Insert the widget at this row. Row numbers start with 0. If omitted, defaults to the first empty row in the grid. rowspan integer If given, indicates that the widget cell should span more than one row. sticky constant Defines how to expand the widget if the resulting cell is larger than the widget itself.

Chapter 19. ) ⇒ id Create a rectangle item between the given coordinates. The rectangle item is created with the given options. delete(item) Delete a rectangle item. coords(item, x0, y0, x1, y1) Change the coordinates for one or more rectangle items. The item argument can match one or more rectangle items, rectangles, or any other item taking exactly four coordinates. ) Change the options for one or more rectangle items. Options The rectangle item supports the following options, via the create_rectangle method, and the itemconfig and itemcget configuration methods.

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