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I purchased this booklet for a linguistics type. it's a thoroughly enough linguistics textbook.

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G. g. from that planet). A tree structure for a simple NP is given in (3). The lines, called ‘branches’, indicate how the phrase is divided up, and branches come together in ‘nodes’: NP (3) D the Adj nice N unicorn A different structure for (3) looks like (4): (4) NP D the N′ Adj nice N unicorn A structure such as (4) expresses the relationships more accurately than (3). In (3), it is unclear whether the is more closely connected to the adjective or the noun, but from (4), it is clear that the specifies nice unicorn.

68) Amazingly, he arrived on time. 33 34 An Introduction to the Grammar of English (69) Fortunately, the bus wasn’t late. (70) Funnily enough, I’d been thinking about that. In (67) to (70), the adverbs all express the speaker’s attitude and this is a legitimate use of an adverb; they do not all have to modify the verb, although many used to in earlier varieties of English. More on this in Chapter 5. Chapter 3 Phrases 1.  The adjective phrase, adverb phrase, verb phrase, and prepositional phrase 3.

As also mentioned above, it is hard to define grammatical categories in terms of meaning because they have very little. Their function is to make the lexical categories fit together. 1 Determiner (D) The determiner category includes the articles a(n) and the, as well as demonstratives, possessive pronouns, possessive nouns, some quantifiers, some interrogatives, and some numerals. So, determiner (or D) is an umbrella term for all of these. Determiners occur with a noun to specify which noun is meant or whose it is.

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