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By William B Sanders; Chandima Cumaranatunge

ISBN-10: 0596528469

ISBN-13: 9780596528461

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The term is from the Greek metamorphoun, meaning to transform. One definition describes metamorphosis as a magic-like transformation— something a sorcerer would do. If you like, think of polymorphism as giving the programmer the power of a sorcerer. Generating Polymorphism Using an Abstract Class Another definition of polymorphism is that it allows for many (poly) forms (morph). In Example 1-21 through Example 1-25, you saw how the abstractMethod had more than a single form. That’s polymorphism.

Display information, click MovieClip in the Classes table. At the very top of the Class MovieClip page, you will see the Inheritance path: MovieClip ➝ Sprite ➝ DisplayObjectContainer ➝ InteractiveObject ➝ DisplayObject ➝ EventDispatcher ➝ Object That means that the MovieClip class inherited all the characteristics from the root class, Object, all the way to Sprite object and everything in between. Scroll down to the Public Properties section. You will see nine properties. Click the Show Inherited Public Properties link.

Anything else (including “Meow”) is not allowed. Next, Example 1-10 shows how to interface with the encapsulated dog object: Example 1-10. showDogTalk( ); addChild(encapSet); } } } Enter TestEncapSet in the Document class of the FLA file and test it. As you will see, the string “Howl” is perfectly acceptable. ” This arrangement represents the best of both worlds; encapsulation and a way to execute operations within an encapsulated object. 0 get and set methods. Some programmers find it awkward to create their own getter and setter methods as we did in the previous section, preferring the simplicity of the get accessor and set mutator.

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ActionScript 3.0 design patterns by William B Sanders; Chandima Cumaranatunge

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