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In its biggest element, the calculus capabilities as a celestial measuring tape, capable of order the endless expanse of the universe. Time and area are given names, issues, and boundaries; probably intractable difficulties of movement, progress, and shape are decreased to answerable questions. Calculus was once humanity's first try to characterize the realm and maybe its maximum meditation at the subject of continuity. Charts and graphs all through.

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Proof. 4 that Thus But since £ e IK, £ = min(w, y) = w. 6) is an L —/supersolution. D. 7. Let ueHl(Q). Let us agree to say that u(x) > 0 at x £ Q in the sense of Hl(fi) provided there exist a neighborhood Bp(x) and (p e HO' °°(fip(x)), g> > 0 and 0, such that u -

0 on Bp(x) in the sense of //*(Q). The set {x e Q: u(x) > 0} is open. 1 with "obstacle" ^. We divide Q into the sets {x E Q: u(x) > ^(x)}, which is open, and its complement / = /[«], which is closed in Q. Formally, / is the set of points x where u(x) = i^(x).

We may choosey= F(x therefore F(x0)= x 0 . ) 4. State and solve the complementarity problem when F is a continuous mappingromUNnto(KN)'. 5. To each x e Xlet a closed set F(x)inUNbegivensatisfying (i)Foratleastonepointx0ofX,the set F(x0)is compact. , xn}of X is contained in the corresponding union (J"=i F(x,). " (Proof. Since the sets F(x) n F(x0)are compacts, as closed subsets of a compact, in order to prove the lemma it is enough to prove that the family F(x)xeXhasthefiniteintersectionproperty.

We have considered in this section coercive bilinear forms. For the sake of simplicity we confined ourselves to bilinear forms connected to the special second order operator — A. In the next sections we will consider more general second order differential operators. We have in mind divergence form differential operators with bounded measurable coefficients. 10) is coercive in //o(Q) since 5 THE WEAK MAXIMUM PRINCIPLE 35 5. The Weak Maximum Principle The weak maximum principle is formulated in terms of inequality in the sense of H^Q).

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